In order to provide the best service to the customers, control aspects, impacts and any risks from the mining activities, CK committed to implement a sustainable Quality Management System, Occupational Safety and Health and the Environment (QSHE) through several policies:

  • Ensure mining services provided to customers in accordance with the requirements given in terms of production targets, continuity and quality of production.

  • Demonstrate compliance with OSHE regulations and other OSHE-related regulations which can be applied as minimum requirement and support the development of OSHE management with higher standard than government regulations (national and local).

  • Establish, monitor and periodically review the targets and annual targets Quality, Safety and Health at Work and the Environment (QSHE).

  • Ensure the QSHE Policy is understood and implemented by all employees, sub-contractors, and other parties who related with CK as an effort to achieve QSHE target that have been set.

  • Perform significant efforts in order to manage OSHE risk to prevent injury, occupational illnesses, property damage, and environment pollution.

Conduct internal audit in CK and its sub-contractors and review periodically the implementation of QSHE Management System which has been adapted, also monitor and improve the performance of QSHE continuously by doing continual improvements. We hold certification ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management, OHSAS 18001:2007 for HSE Management and ISO 14001 for Environment Management.



Wherever we operate, we will be part of the entire local community surrounding the operating area. Align with the mission of TMT Group, CK committed to actively involve as a good corporate citizen. This commitment is shown through open and fair communication, community participation in our business, and support to the life quality improvement of local community.

Local community participation in our business is also part of our effort to help boosting the local economy. It is implemented through providing job opportunities to local community; developing their capacity that respond to the business needs, and prioritizing local entrepreneurs become our subcontractor or vendors.

We implement our commitment to empower communities and conserve the environment in order to to minimize the impact of our work and improve the living quality of local community, particularly in the areas of education, health and social.

To ensure its sustainability, our CSR program is aligned with local or national government initiatives.


Local People Development

We realize that our project may not last forever and can be ended one day. That is why; we recognize the importance of community empowerment that can boost local economy. Our contribution on helping the community empowerment is implemented through local recruitment and support toward education surrounding company’s operational area.

The local recruitment is one of our agenda whenever we started a new project. The oportunity to work together with us not only to those who already have relevant experience, but also for local community who doesn’t have any related experience. Through Green Operator and Trainee Mechanic Program, the local community will received a series of training consist of knowledge and skills and also on-the-job training for one year. This program is successfully developed reliable young operators and mechanics.

Started from the big opportunity for young generation in West Aceh to work in heavy equipment industry, we work together with West Aceh local government and Vocational School SMKN 2 Meulaboh to establish a new Heavy Equipment Major. We held an initial 200 hours training for the teachers that followed by intensive training for 2 months in Jakarta. We also donated Excavator as learning tool for the SMKN 2 Meulaboh students.

Through this commitment, it is expected there will be great mechanics who will be able contribute not only in mining sector, but also other heavy equipment-related sectors.


“Trainee Mechanic program develop me from someone who knew nothing about heavy equipment into a skillful mechanic. The theory and on-the-job training that I went through, being rotated into various project, and handled various type of heavy equipment from different manufacturers provide valuable experience which made me the way I am now”.
Lukman Irsal Hasibuan
Mekanik Cipta Kridatama
“The community is very interested with this new major. Our teachers’ capacity is increase and the student able to operate heavy equipment and know how to fix it. We truly appreciate CK’s serious commitment toward education in Meulaboh”.
SMKN 2 Meulaboh School Principal
“The training is very valuable. We actually trained for 200 hours which started from morning till afternoon for 25 days. The changes are not only in terms of knowledge, but also on how to educate us to be disciplined just like working on a private company. We will do the same to our students, so they will used to be discipline when they join in private company”.
Suryanto, Amd
SMKN 2 Meulaboh Teacher
“I was very interested joining Heavy Equipment Major because it’s abig opportunity. Though it’s a new major, I didn’t hesitate at all because I knew CK suppots the school. I really felt the benefit from trained teachers and the excavator. As student, I thank CK for helping to eliminate poverty in Meulaboh”.
Fadila Fulria
13th Grade Student of SMKN 2 Meulaboh (Major: Heavy Equipment Mechanic)