Contribution For Health

PT Cipta Kridatama Contribution for Health

We are actively supporting health sector of our operational locations. We donate health equipment and give health education for the local residents to avoid spread of disease. Through the Emergency Response Team (ERT), the Company provides voluntary assistance to help victims of earthquakes that occured in Lombok and Palu ln 2018.

Cipta Kridatama Fully Supports COVID-19 Prevention

Cipta Kridatama donates health protocol equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease around the mine and working area

Providing Education About Various Diseases

Due to maintain the health of all employees, Cipta Kridatama regularly provides education in various diseases such as HIV AIDS, COVID-19, SARS, Malaria and other diseases. we know that employees are the best asset for company that we have to take care of.