We are proud of serving Indonesia for almost two decades with numerous signed contracts. 

We offer a thorough service by providing complete mining solutions, engineering and project management. We know as Indonesia’s leading coal mining contractors, we need to give an ‘end-to-end’ service.

Survey and Exploration

We always do survey and exploration with high accuracy to start our project

Modelling and Mine Design

We assure to design and modeling our mining site based on the landscape topography and geology

Drilling and Blasting

We are capable of doing blasting activity supported by our best drilling equipment and our best blasting engineers.

Overburden Removal

We remove the overburden precisely and make sure it can be reused in the post mining process

Coal Getting

We always use the best equipment for the coal getting

Coal Hauling

We are doing the mining extraction efficiently and supported with our modern types of equipment

The Best Equipment from Caterpillar

We maintain our quality to meet the client's needs by using the best equipment such as Caterpillar from our supplier and distributor PT Trakindo Utama.