Mifa-CK Holds a Fresh Graduate Operator Program for Youth in West Aceh

Post by Admin on 06 Juli 2020 - 09:54

In order to improve the quality of human resources in West Aceh, PT Mifa Bersaudara & PT Cipta Kridatama site Meulaboh in 2019 again held a Fresh Graduate Operator (FGO) program for youth around operational areas who would later be sent to Kalimantan to attend operator education and training, Friday (30 August 2019).

Head of the West Aceh Manpower and Transmigration Office, Thallea Naldy, in her speech, highly appreciated the FGO program implemented by PT Mifa & PT CK. He further emphasized that the FGO program will greatly assist the government in providing jobs and preparing superior human resources for West Aceh later.

"On behalf of the local government, we sincerely thank PT Mifa & PT CK through their programs so far, we sincerely hope that the FGO participants will be able to set a good example as quality Aceh human resources later", said Thallea.

Deputy Head of Mining Engineering PT Mifa Bersaudara Indra Basudewa accompanied by CSR & Corcomm Senior Manager Azizon Nurza along with OSHE Dept Head PT Cipta Kridatama Meulaboh Arpis explained that the FGO Program is a special training program to become operators and participants who are sent will be directly trained by professionals from the start introduction to being an operator so that it can operate the equipment reliably for six months in Kalimantan.

"Basically, the presence of PT Mifa and PT CK carries a commitment to continue to carry out community development programs in this land of Mecca, this FGO program is one of our commitments to foster and promote youth to be competent, especially in the industrial world", said Indra.

Furthermore, Indra hopes that the selected and sent participants will seriously and seriously participate in the FGO education and training program, so that the huge costs incurred can have a positive impact on the quality and competence of the participants.

In the event of the release of the FGO participants, representatives of Aceh Province Disnakermobduk, Manamenent of PT Mifa Bersaudara, Management of PT Cipta Kridatama, Head of Meurebo Sub-District, Head of Meureubo Police, Regional Village Officials Around Company Operations, and parents of guardians of 2019 FGO participants. (*)

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